Sharing our Passion!

DSC_0379If you were a fly on the wall in PTLC’s office area, you would probably hear a lot of chattering.  You might conclude that we are obsessed with our jobs.  And you would be right–well almost.  We prefer to say that we are PASSIONATE! We think about and talk about your beautiful children (aka “our kiddos”) throughout the workday, trying to problem-solve  issues, both big and small. We celebrate our kiddos’ smallest victories.   During our time off, we read books in hopes of getting additional insight into specific behaviors or to gain an even deeper understanding of therapeutic theories and methods.  We travel the country so we can take the best courses available.   So it’s no surprise that we are interested in sharing our obsession (I mean PASSION) with others.

As part of our goals and mission statement, Pediatric Therapy and Learning Center wants to reach out to the community to provide information and education about childhood development and the disorders which often affect that development.  In this blog, we hope to provide helpful tips for parents, information about treatment approaches, reviews and suggestions for books and other products, as well as our thoughts and responses to questions parents may ask.  If you have any suggestions for a blog post, please feel free to comment here or send us a message on our Facebook page.

We are very excited and optimistic about what 2016 will bring for our kiddos!

Disclosure:  Our company has signed up as an Amazon affiliate, which means that when a reader makes a purchase through one of our product links, we may receive a small commission.  We are committed to allocating any commissions received to a scholarship program for children who cannot afford our services.   We are also committed to only providing honest reviews and opinions about books and products that we believe our readers will benefit from or enjoy.