Counseling/Play Therapy

Counseling services, usually in the form of Play Therapy, are provided onsite by Clayton Latiolais, M.S., LPC/Registered Play Therapist.  Clayton is available at PTLC on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Some common needs that can be addressed in Counseling & Play Therapy:

  • Behavioral problems arising from emotional dysregulation, defiance, grief/loss, divorce, abandonment, crisis, or trauma.
  • Mental health and childhood developmental disorders, such as anxiety, depression, conduct disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity (ADHD), autism or pervasive developmental disorders, attachment disorders, eating disorders, and learning disabilities.
  • Other circumstantial concerns, such as academic, social, self-esteem, and family dynamics.

Benefits:  Play Therapy can promote cognitive development, provide insight, and help resolve inner conflicts.  It relieves feelings of stress and boredom, connects people in a positive way, stimulates creative thinking and exploration, regulates emotions, and boosts confidence.  It also fosters learning and development and allows us to practice skills and roles needed for survival.

About the process:  Parents/guardians call to set up an initial assessment and meet directly with the counselor, usually without the child present. Regular therapy sessions are 40 minutes, and frequency is determined by the child/family’s specific needs.


No prescription or formal referral is needed.  Counseling can be sought alone or in combination with Occupational Therapy, Speech/Language Therapy, and/or Feeding Therapy, which are all also provided at our clinic.  For more information on Counseling or our other programs, please contact Pediatric Therapy and Learning Center at (337) 504-4244.